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Kevin Moses


This application is currently: New

Application Information

  • Gender Male
  • Ethnicity American
  • Age 20
  • Licenses Driver's License
  • Education Bachelor's Degree
  • Occupation Supervisor in the Mining industry of LS
  • Have you ever been arrested? No
  • Timezone Asia
  • Playing Hours 1
  • Discord Name kevin8221#5845
  • Do you have a working microphone? Yes
  • Alternate Accounts No
  • Tell us about yourself

    I am Kevin, Just like a normal human being. I was born and and raised in the Red County village. My father being a local Sherrif was a big motivation for me to serve the State's Police Department. I did my schooling and my graduation in the University of Dillimore with good grades. I am good at some stuffs like Sharpshooting and para gliding. Ever since I was a kid I had a very deep interest towards the Police Department, I always watched all the Police officers on what they do usually. Talking about the skills and the experiences i can say that im really good at shooting,I attended a course at the shooting range however im a really good driver im also really good to make a P.I.T. .With that i want to say that i can chase a suspect at a high speed without causing a lot of damages to the car or to the properties that are nearby. If this happens I will take full responsibility for refund people. This means that I am very loyal.

  • Why do you want to join us?

    It was when I was 10, I was wandering around a street playing with my friends and that was where my life completely changed. As I was passing a store I noticed that there were some masked men in which one of them was holding a girl hostage with his gun aimed at her head and other busy in collecting money. I immediately realized that a robbery was ongoing. I decided to sacrifice my life and go save that girl from them but when I tried to walk in I couldn't, I just simply couldn't. I saw hallucinations of my death. Wasting no time I ran back to my home. This was the moment I regretted the most. From that day I decided to join LSPD so that I don't repeat this again

  • Application Status New

I think that i have to be accepted in the Police Department of Los Santos over other applicants because im really mature,I will help everyone with their backups and stuff like that.I don't think that all the applicants will sacrifice themselves for save lives.Im also good at shooting and at driving. I can avoid a lot of catastrophic things like homicides and horrible stuff like this one.I will be 100% involved in all the actions that the Los Santos Police Department will take. I can also say for sure that I will never leave the Police Department, which means that you will have one more loyal member in the Department.

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