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Robin Marshall


This application is currently: New

Application Information

  • Gender Male
  • Ethnicity American
  • Age 29
  • Licenses Driver's License
  • Education College
  • Occupation None
  • Have you ever been arrested? No
  • Timezone Europe
  • Discord Name Hamods#0206
  • Do you have a working microphone? Yes
  • Alternate Accounts None
  • Tell us about yourself

    My name is Robin Robert Marshall, I was  born in November 1990 in San fierro, My family was a normal family, My father was a retired soldier and my mother was Science teacher.
    I have got to younger brothers, Joseph and Leroy.
    In 2001 we moved to Los Santos, few years later after I completed my studies, I applied for the Police Department, I got accepted and served for a long time, I got promoted to be the Special Operations Captain, I led it for some time, was involved in more than 800 Special Operations, then I resigned, I took some rest then I applied for the National Guards, I got accepted and led the Special Forces detachment as Colonel, the division was abandoned, I had to recreat everything, rules and regulations, handbooks, etc...
    Few weeks lated I resigned and took rest, then I joined the San Andreas State Troopers, I led the Special Operations as a Captain till I resigned, then I took a long vacation, after more like a year, the National Guard was gone, I applied for the State Troopers again and got accepted, led the Special Oprations again, I worked in it for more like three months then I resigned, few months later I was called to lead the Special Forces Detachment as the National Guard returned, I recreated the division, I led it for few weeks then I resigned, and went in a long Vacation in Italia.
    Due to my time in all the departments, I was never striked nor suspended for any reason.
    That's all, now I'm here again applying to join the Police Department.

  • Why do you want to join us?

    Well I spent most of my life serving in the Police Department, I’m always doing my best to protect the state and keep it clean from criminals.

  • Application Status New

I’m skilled member I led the Special Operations in the Police department, Sheriff department and National Guards many times, I’m skilled driver and shooter with ability to control any situation. 

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