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Tyrone Vinelez


This application is currently: New

Application Information

  • Gender Male
  • Ethnicity Canadian
  • Age 23
  • Licenses Driver's License
  • Education College
  • Occupation N/A
  • Have you ever been arrested? N/A
  • Timezone Europe
  • Playing Hours 5
  • Discord Name Tyrone#2550
  • Do you have a working microphone? No
  • Alternate Accounts N/A.
  • Tell us about yourself

    I'm Tyrone Vinelez. I was born on March of 7th, 1993. I was born with intelligence and earnestness. I am a man that doesn't give up that easily. For example, in my boyhood, I had so many times of parole to be deported out of High School but I decided to take an extra course after class every day, even though there's a day off. So, I proved loath teachers wrong and I proved that I was a good student and I was interested in political, educational things, and any other relevant stuff such as law enforcement, economic system. I was graduated from Idlewood University International College, which was a good turn for me.

    All of a sudden, my parents had to move to other countries for their duties, I realized that I grew up and I am capable to do jobs. So, I decided to teach my older brother about the political, and economic system. After three months, James and I thought about building a political school by having James support besides. It was a good turn though, so many students were interested to join the school. We were given scholarships by the government and other sponsors. It is a matter of sorrow that our school was burnt down by some criminals for some reason. There could be a competitor who knows. All profits were gone, James and I decided to apply for the Department of Corrections since it's the only thing we have left as of now.

  • Why do you want to join us?

    You can choose me instead of any other applicant because I am loyal, great listener, skilled worker. I can cope with any environment and lots of people know that. I have been in a few departments and I was always loyal to them. I never gave someone chance to complain about me. I always respect other people. I hope that you will accept me. Also, my friends are working as a security member and they told me Government is a good one and they supported me to apply. I promise that I will perform my best in the department. Also I am in a different Department/Division in the country. This is Reinstatement.

  • Application Status New

Well, I'm not going to rush anything, I would like you to check every candidate you get. They might be better than me in any way. Nobody's perfect, but yeah what skills I can provide actually matters. I can cope with any working environment. I would love to help society out. I've seen many other candidates saying that they're suitable candidates. I have nothing else to say more. I think. I'll be given a chance to prove myself if I am suitable or not. This is Reinstatement

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