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    Complaint Information

    • Your Name Dexter_Gideon
    • Date of Incident 06/16/20 09:33 PM




    So Ramirez parked his car in front of mine and pulled a balaclava over his face. I immediately retrieves my M4 but was busy typing while Ramirez did a quick /me draws a .44 (elite rper). Then he did a /me aims (again elite RP my god), where did he aim? No one knows, perhaps the birds flying in the air? Anyways, I RPed aiming at him and instantly emptying my clip on him. Valentin came and prisoned me for on-rp fear? We were both aiming at each other yet I'm prisoned for not showing fear? What? I tried to make him/her see reason, sadly it could not which resulted in this Forum Complaint.  

     I confirm that my complaint is genuine

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    Pending Valentin's response to this.

    Was released from prison with 12 minutes left.

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    The video will be sent to Vivi ASAP.

    EDIT: The video was sent to Vivi.

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    It is evident that you're inside a vehicle and you're trying to grab a M4A1 which means your movements would be limited, if you had gone for a pistol, it would've been much faster, no matter how he roleplayed, he roleplayed, Shadow's judgement is right, you didn't roleplay the fear properly as you should have. Closed.

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