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  • Tyreese Kingsdale

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    Complaint Information

    • Your Name Juan Diego Murillo
    • Date of Incident 06/16/20 04:40 PM

    My family member and I went inside of my club, We taken our equipments out and went outside but suddenly Tyreese Kingsdale starts shooting for no reason, Not only him also his member. I've Screen Shot of that DM, Afterwords I /report so David asked them the reason and they replied that we executed there family members Jeremiah Black and someone like Tyrone, To be honest I've not executed anyone of them. If they have proof I'll be requesting them to show the proof that we executed. Even If we executed there family members, How they know that we executed them? but we didn't. 


     I confirm that my complaint is genuine

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    One more time they do the same, twice. They just went inside that house and taken there weapons and as they came out they start shooting for no reason also without Roleplay. We were just standing there and unfortunately they starts shooting.sa-mp-721.thumb.png.6c8be482bf2192c77c29acb6d08820e5.png


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    They're already imprisoned for DM, Closed.

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