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  3. he didnt give me 500k after quiting pain ball.
  4. Rules broken: Powergaming. My complaint/appeal against Valentin apparently got closed so this is another attempt at justice. I'll provide screenshots below and I also believe there's a video, if the admin in question could provide that, that'd be a great addition as well. From the moment Ramirez left his car I started typing, this was quite enough time for me to reach for an M4. However, Ramirez/Shadow forced me to RP fear when I clearly wasn't scared due to me having a gun aimed back at him (PG). As quoted by the admin that closed the FC: I think it's best if I elaborate on the powergaming rule as a few people don't seem to understand it. Powergaming has two meanings,forcing roleplay on other players and roleplaying things that may not be considered as realistic. Two examples are listed below: 1. /ME LINE - Harry Eastwood digs into the brick stone using his sharp finger nails and uses the holes he created to climb the 7 story building. 2. /ME LINE - Harry Eastwood grips Dexter's shirt and pushes him backwards using full force. - Harry Eastwood pulls out a glock and shoots Dexter three time in the chest after the pushed him to ground level. - Harry fails to ask for a reason over /do and does not give Dexter enough time to respond to his RP line. This second example corresponds to this situation. Yes, he typed his line first, but you're supposed to give the other person time to respond, which in this situation did not happen. At 32:20 (as seen on the screenshots), Ramirez put on a balaclava (I had already seen his face at this point so why even bother?) and I, as I stated before, started reacting (typing) as you'd do in real. When he blocked my car and put on a mask, this the final straw of my suspicious of him which resulted in me grabbing my gun. So, the argument that I "wouldn't have enough time" is invalid, I hope the video will proof this (haven't seen it so I don't know what's on it). Based on these facts, you can see he literally forced me to RP fear and then I was prisoned for it? I don't mean to offend anyone, my only aim it to clear this misinformation. This is not the only FC that has been when the other party clearly PG's. When someone pulls out a gun, you'd obviously see that. In this situation, I even reached for my gun prior to that. A good way to ACTUALLY get the upper hand on someone would be if you'd have your gun holstered at the back of your pants and do a roleplay line that you'd scratch your back or already have your hand placed on your back. Otherwise, the other party can pull out their own gun, obviously. Just because you type something earlier/faster doesn't mean the other party can't respond to it. R(ole)P(lay) is supposed to reenact real life. Also, Shadow admitted that the guy didn't RP properly yet the admin who handled the other complaint claims he did, while the admin on-scene claimed he didn't? I was told to make an FC against Ramirez rather then the admin.
  5. approve or not
  6. He steals locked cars he unlocks the car with a screw driver .he steal an infermus of my friend colour red
  7. So basically I was roaming around, as I noticed a reckless driver , I called nine nine one, and reported on reckless driver at Pizza. Then I got ajailed by Nazzario for CB, he didn't even know my intentions. Also CB isn't listed on /rules, or either on forums, so how could I know it's prisonable? I would like the admin to provide proofs of me rule-breaking the CB rule.
  8. Alberto Moore came to my house as I advertised selling it. When we went inside I did typed /me Notices Alberto Actions I think that could give me the ability to respond if i saw anything he do wrong couldn't ss but you can check logs also maybe the SS proves, then when we went inside he pulled out his gun and aimed at me, As I said before I notices his action so I have time to respond, Even not because he typed his /me rp line first he have to do whatever he wants, I think we have time to do action too. He noticed Reece coming in with another person so he tried to PG and runs after We were aiming guns on each other to avoid getting arrested for corruption as he is a government members, I told him to come and continue RP but he didn't listen so Nazzario TP'ed him back and we were supposed to RE-RP, So we was inside the room, so he don't know reece is coming. How this is realistic after you take your gun out and aims on someone while he is aiming at you too you puts your gun back is that even realistic he did that to avoid getting IC prison, The problem that after that Nazzario tried to get me down and saying I'M PGing and should get arrested even he released him after imprisoning him
  9. You should hire me because I, unlike most people have lived all my life to strive for this cause, to become a proper Law Enforcement Officer and serve my state, nothing else. I'll offer activity, dedication, ambition and serve my state with my utmost respect and dedication. You should hire me because I'm quite a fast learner and I will learn, through the academy stage first and then become a respectable Officer capable of performing proper duties as an Officer of the law should and will perform my duty with dedication.
  10. So Ramirez parked his car in front of mine and pulled a balaclava over his face. I immediately retrieves my M4 but was busy typing while Ramirez did a quick /me draws a .44 (elite rper). Then he did a /me aims (again elite RP my god), where did he aim? No one knows, perhaps the birds flying in the air? Anyways, I RPed aiming at him and instantly emptying my clip on him. Valentin came and prisoned me for on-rp fear? We were both aiming at each other yet I'm prisoned for not showing fear? What? I tried to make him/her see reason, sadly it could not which resulted in this Forum Complaint.
  11. Every single day Sinaloa Cartel fucks with gangs especially with CD bloods. They come to us and then trashtalk or find their way/reason to shoot us, here is one example of their activity. I was listening music in pizza stacks, chilling you know and they come up on me and be like.https://gyazo.com/9074318cbd9382ab9768808f854f7058 I just find that they are not good family ,because all they do is DM and make RP what's not compatible for Cartel, They don't look like a Cartel at all.
  12. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Wj_Fc1egOiz_Tp9CkzSHQaNp6qYF9C6o Have other pictures.
  13. My family member and I went inside of my club, We taken our equipments out and went outside but suddenly Tyreese Kingsdale starts shooting for no reason, Not only him also his member. I've Screen Shot of that DM, Afterwords I /report so David asked them the reason and they replied that we executed there family members Jeremiah Black and someone like Tyrone, To be honest I've not executed anyone of them. If they have proof I'll be requesting them to show the proof that we executed. Even If we executed there family members, How they know that we executed them? but we didn't.
  14. Cameron is a constant troll, he was stripped of his government badge for being a wanted criminal yesterday as Cameron_Whisley, someone has invited him to the government again under the same account with a name change to Cameron_Chandler. I was hanging out with my friend Stephanie talking when as Cameron went to leave he whispers "fuck PD' which is fine and IC, I don't mind that at all, but then proceeds to discharge his firearm in a parking lot infront of me for baiting purposes obviously. As he returned I detained him and was placing him into a cruiser to take him back for processing, as I did my roleplay he ran off and was intentionally trolling the RP the whole time without a single /me line, I want him prisoned for PG at the least & Cop Baiting, it's people who act like this who make the role play unplayable most of the time. Cop Baiting - Powergaming -
  15. Los Santos is getting dangerous these days. I've seen many robberies, many assasinations. I've been robbed aswell, and I lost a quite good amount of money. Around 15 grands. I want to have a firearms license just for self defence, to protect my house, me and my family. I would not like to be robbed once again. As I said before, I've had previous experience with firearms. I know where, and when to use them. Other than self defending I would use the firearm license to help another victim of the Los Santos criminals. Oh well, another reason is that I love hunting. I've seen my friends, my dad and my relatives hunting and it seems to be very fun and enjoyable. So if it's possible, I'd like to aquire a firearms license for Self defence pruposes.
  16. Want to force the law + am good driver/shooter
  17. Ill use Weapons to DEFEND myself ONLY.
  18. Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past experience, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position.
  19. I am very good at catching suspects , i want to help this city and protect the people from bad guys. If i will be accepted i will be redy to do everything you ask for and i promise i will not disappoint you.
  20. Well, I'm not going to rush anything, I would like you to check every candidate you get. They might be better than me in any way. Nobody's perfect, but yeah what skills I can provide actually matters. I can cope with any working environment. I would love to help society out. I've seen many other candidates saying that they're suitable candidates. I have nothing else to say more. I think. I'll be given a chance to prove myself if I am suitable or not. This is Reinstatement
  21. I'm not saying you should hire me thats not my decision but i was a police officer in another city and i think i will be very good at doing my job here.
  22. I’m skilled member I led the Special Operations in the Police department, Sheriff department and National Guards many times, I’m skilled driver and shooter with ability to control any situation.
  23. I think that i have to be accepted in the Police Department of Los Santos over other applicants because im really mature,I will help everyone with their backups and stuff like that.I don't think that all the applicants will sacrifice themselves for save lives.Im also good at shooting and at driving. I can avoid a lot of catastrophic things like homicides and horrible stuff like this one.I will be 100% involved in all the actions that the Los Santos Police Department will take. I can also say for sure that I will never leave the Police Department, which means that you will have one more loyal member in the Department.
  24. Constantine - Community Director, Director of Administration Vivienne Madison - Head of Development, Technical Staff Valentin Shadow - Assistant Head of Development, Director of Ban Appeals Alan Wesley - Director of Factions, Senior Complaints Moderator Rev Reigns - Assistant Director of Factions, Assistant Gang Director David Banton - Gang Director, Assistant Director of Public Relations, Property Moderator Nazario Gonzalez - Director of Public Relations, Ban Appealer, Faction Mod [FBI] James Blake - Director of Property Management, Complaints Moderator, Faction Moderator [FMD & PD] Jackie Lupino - Complaints Moderator Robert Stevenson - Complaints Moderator
  25. Greetings everyone. This announcement is to let you all know about the re-launch of Elite City Roleplay. We're offering you a professional staff above all, we listen to the community and it's members. Unlike some servers that only pay attention to a few players, we will do our best to listen to everyone's concerns if they have any. Regarding the launch of Elite City Roleplay, it is going to launch on 13th of June, Saturday, at 4 PM GMT +1. The previous database is still there, if you had an account, your account is still there, the only things that have been resetted are the amount of cash the players had on them, that is because the economy that we're giving you guys is realistic and proper, so people can roleplay properly without worrying about the economy crisis. You will be given 200,000 in the starting to start off, then it is upto you. We'll be giving refunds from SARP, if you had an account there, you are eligible for a level refund, properties won't be refunded unfortunately but that's only for the refreshment feeling of the server because of the re-launch. Regards, Elite City Roleplay Management.
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