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    Los Santos Mayor Ali Moreno has been arrested on federal corruption charges by the FBI after allegedly committing acts of extortion which, in the words of a federal prosecutor, made the city government more resemblant of an organized criminal enterprise rather than dedicated public servants.
    In a dramatic sequence of events at City Hall, upwards of twenty federal, police and sheriff's officials arrived and entered the building in a raid which lasted for just under an hour.  It is believed several other government officials were either detained or interrogated by agents.
    According to the FBI, the allegations were first reported by a senior member of the Los Santos Fire Department who initially complained that the Mayor had threatened as part of his extortion to cut funding for vital emergency medical services in the city.
    Mayor Ali Moreno was seen being escorted away and into the custody of the FBI, he has been charged with:
    18 USC § 201b. Corruption of public duty or office 18 USC § 872. Extortion under color of office or law

    Head of Los Santos FBI resigns
    The director in charge of the FBI's field office in Los Santos unexpectedly announced his resignation today, creating a vacancy in one of the most highly coveted positions in the law enforcement community.
    National Guard open new depot at Ocean Docks
    The San Andreas National Guard today opened a new base at Ocean Docks in Los Santos in a sparsely attended ceremony due to social distancing concerns.  The new base, which experts say could host as many as 50 troops, features three hangars for storing armored vehicles as well as docking facilities for military vessels.
    Currently, an amphibious assault ship is docked at the base with a contingent of fast Hydra jump jets and Hunter attack helicopters.
    Police chase Mayor's Limousine through Los Santos!
    Officers from the Los Santos Police Department were seen racing through the city on - in hot pursuit of the Mayor's official government limousine, and no this wasn't an April Fool.
    Special Agent Vanessa Kirkland, from the FBI, confirmed that a government employee was arrested and is facing federal charges as a result of his joyride in the mayor's official wheels.  According to Miss Kirkland, the employee was behaving in an extremely reckless manner and collided with a number of civilian vehicles, as well as a vehicle belonging to another government agency.
    When police officers attempted to intervene, the as yet unnamed government employee refused to cooperate, proclaimed his superiority over the police and sped off, triggering a pursuit through the city.


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