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  1. Vivi


    The new player registration experience was significantly improved. The /appearance stats can now be changed for free when registering. Fixed an issue with the Tiki store giving the wrong items. Fixed an issue with /skills displaying the wrong values. An issue where the Mayor couldn't use the /taxwithdraw command was fixed. Minor adjustments were made to some donor groups. Some admin-spawned money was removed from the economy.
  2. Vivi


    The Easter event was added to the server. A simple roleplay quiz was added for new registrations. New players must also now view the /rules dialog before registering. Fixed a bug with the /disguise command The LSFD rank names were changed at the request of the leader. Some SANG rank names were changed. A new donated group was added to the server. The welcome dialog was updated.
  3. Vivi


    The SANG faction was rebalanced: Some of their police commands and features were restricted. A new system was added so that martial law can be delcared. Declaring martial law gives SANG the same commands and features as the LSPD. The vehicle anti-cheat was further refined: The Hunter, Hydra and Rhino can now be used on the server. Explosive weapons on these vehicles are now disabled. Cheaters can no longer teleport into these vehicles. Some typos in the Trucker job were fixed. The faction help dialogs were updated. Added /pilotradio (/pr) for pilots of aircraft to communicate. Some commands can no longer be used when cuffed/in prison. Fixed /undercover for Hitman Agency Fixed a bug with the /find command finding ID 0. The Tiki /exchange was rebalanced. Some maps were adjusted to prevent falling through floors. The cost of driving, fishing and trucking licenses were reduced. All vehicle prices were reduced/rebalanced. Vending Machines were removed to encourage use of businesses instead.
  4. Vivi


    The faction paychecks for the LSSD were fixed. New mapping for the LSSD was added. New jail cells for the LSSD were added. The /requestnewbieunmute price was lowered. The SANG faction was re-scripted and fixed in various places. The SANG base at Ocean Docks was changed to be more realistic. The aircraft carrier now features working elevator platforms. Some missing commands were added to the faction help list for all factions. The /undercover command was fixed for certain groups. The payouts for the trucker job were slightly increased.
  5. Vivi


    A new faction was added to the server: Hudson's Private Medical Services. A new faction was added to the server: Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. Ranks for some factions were adjusted at their leaders' request. Most items in the LSFD locker are now free, which should help new players who join. The rapid response kit (RRK) was modified to look more like a medical device. The price of namechanges was adjusted to be more in-line with the server's economy. The prices of vehicle upgrades were significantly decreased. The number of materials able to be obtained from mat-running was increased. The material costs of crafting weapons were fixed and reduced in places. The cost of making an /ad was lowered to be more reasonable. The prices of certain weapons in group/faction lockers were reduced slightly. The hitman-one-shot-kill sniper rifle feature was fixed and re-enabled. The bail cost for federal crimes was reduced.
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