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  1. Alberto Moore came to my house as I advertised selling it. When we went inside I did typed /me Notices Alberto Actions I think that could give me the ability to respond if i saw anything he do wrong couldn't ss but you can check logs also maybe the SS proves, then when we went inside he pulled out his gun and aimed at me, As I said before I notices his action so I have time to respond, Even not because he typed his /me rp line first he have to do whatever he wants, I think we have time to do action too. He noticed Reece coming in with another person so he tried to PG and runs after We were aiming guns on each other to avoid getting arrested for corruption as he is a government members, I told him to come and continue RP but he didn't listen so Nazzario TP'ed him back and we were supposed to RE-RP, So we was inside the room, so he don't know reece is coming. How this is realistic after you take your gun out and aims on someone while he is aiming at you too you puts your gun back is that even realistic he did that to avoid getting IC prison, The problem that after that Nazzario tried to get me down and saying I'M PGing and should get arrested even he released him after imprisoning him
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