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  1. Cameron is a constant troll, he was stripped of his government badge for being a wanted criminal yesterday as Cameron_Whisley, someone has invited him to the government again under the same account with a name change to Cameron_Chandler. I was hanging out with my friend Stephanie talking when as Cameron went to leave he whispers "fuck PD' which is fine and IC, I don't mind that at all, but then proceeds to discharge his firearm in a parking lot infront of me for baiting purposes obviously. As he returned I detained him and was placing him into a cruiser to take him back for processing, as I did my roleplay he ran off and was intentionally trolling the RP the whole time without a single /me line, I want him prisoned for PG at the least & Cop Baiting, it's people who act like this who make the role play unplayable most of the time. Cop Baiting - Powergaming -
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