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  1. Rules broken: Powergaming. My complaint/appeal against Valentin apparently got closed so this is another attempt at justice. I'll provide screenshots below and I also believe there's a video, if the admin in question could provide that, that'd be a great addition as well. From the moment Ramirez left his car I started typing, this was quite enough time for me to reach for an M4. However, Ramirez/Shadow forced me to RP fear when I clearly wasn't scared due to me having a gun aimed back at him (PG). As quoted by the admin that closed the FC: I think it's best if I elaborate on the powergaming rule as a few people don't seem to understand it. Powergaming has two meanings,forcing roleplay on other players and roleplaying things that may not be considered as realistic. Two examples are listed below: 1. /ME LINE - Harry Eastwood digs into the brick stone using his sharp finger nails and uses the holes he created to climb the 7 story building. 2. /ME LINE - Harry Eastwood grips Dexter's shirt and pushes him backwards using full force. - Harry Eastwood pulls out a glock and shoots Dexter three time in the chest after the pushed him to ground level. - Harry fails to ask for a reason over /do and does not give Dexter enough time to respond to his RP line. This second example corresponds to this situation. Yes, he typed his line first, but you're supposed to give the other person time to respond, which in this situation did not happen. At 32:20 (as seen on the screenshots), Ramirez put on a balaclava (I had already seen his face at this point so why even bother?) and I, as I stated before, started reacting (typing) as you'd do in real. When he blocked my car and put on a mask, this the final straw of my suspicious of him which resulted in me grabbing my gun. So, the argument that I "wouldn't have enough time" is invalid, I hope the video will proof this (haven't seen it so I don't know what's on it). Based on these facts, you can see he literally forced me to RP fear and then I was prisoned for it? I don't mean to offend anyone, my only aim it to clear this misinformation. This is not the only FC that has been when the other party clearly PG's. When someone pulls out a gun, you'd obviously see that. In this situation, I even reached for my gun prior to that. A good way to ACTUALLY get the upper hand on someone would be if you'd have your gun holstered at the back of your pants and do a roleplay line that you'd scratch your back or already have your hand placed on your back. Otherwise, the other party can pull out their own gun, obviously. Just because you type something earlier/faster doesn't mean the other party can't respond to it. R(ole)P(lay) is supposed to reenact real life. Also, Shadow admitted that the guy didn't RP properly yet the admin who handled the other complaint claims he did, while the admin on-scene claimed he didn't? I was told to make an FC against Ramirez rather then the admin.
  2. So Ramirez parked his car in front of mine and pulled a balaclava over his face. I immediately retrieves my M4 but was busy typing while Ramirez did a quick /me draws a .44 (elite rper). Then he did a /me aims (again elite RP my god), where did he aim? No one knows, perhaps the birds flying in the air? Anyways, I RPed aiming at him and instantly emptying my clip on him. Valentin came and prisoned me for on-rp fear? We were both aiming at each other yet I'm prisoned for not showing fear? What? I tried to make him/her see reason, sadly it could not which resulted in this Forum Complaint.
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