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    Aamir Khan

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    Hello there, It's me Aamir Khan. ((Rodrigo Pardo is my **ALT** account.)) If you do not belive it, you can check my IP.

    So let's begin this.

    So, I got prisoned for LTA/while cuffed, guys my electricity was gone. and I want to re-roleplay with these cops - FBI - GOV whatever etc.

    So, I was /reporting that I want to re-roleplay but whole admin team was busy they were not responding to my reports, screenshot can prove it.

    Please please It's a humble request to you. I wanna play elite city roleplay server. get me out of this shit. fast as much as you can. so I can re-roleplay with these cops.



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    The cops can't re-roleplay, hence you'll complete your prison time as your IC jail time.

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