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EC-RP Relaunch

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Greetings everyone. This announcement is to let you all know about the re-launch of Elite City Roleplay. We're offering you a professional staff above all, we listen to the community and it's members. Unlike some servers that only pay attention to a few players, we will do our best to listen to everyone's concerns if they have any. Regarding the launch of Elite City Roleplay, it is going to launch on 13th of June, Saturday, at 4 PM GMT +1. The previous database is still there, if you had an account, your account is still there, the only things that have been resetted are the amount of cash the players had on them, that is because the economy that we're giving you guys is realistic and proper, so people can roleplay properly without worrying about the economy crisis. You will be given 200,000 in the starting to start off, then it is upto you. We'll be giving refunds from SARP, if you had an account there, you are eligible for a level refund, properties won't be refunded unfortunately but that's only for the refreshment feeling of the server because of the re-launch.

Elite City Roleplay Management.

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